Hi Greg

All is well with us all.

I was extremely lucky last night as I was supposed to have diner in one of the targeted restaurants but the plans have been changed at the very last minute.

The strange thing about it all is how being not very far from where two places have been attacked I have been completely unaware of it all and only found out about it when I went back to my car and out of boredom behind the wheel turned the radio on and learned about the whole attacks.

The city looks very strange today, so very few people in the streets, it almost looks like my childhood memories when there were not so many people in Paris.

I am being very concerned about the next developments, I do not think that the right measures are going to be taken and I do not see what can be done against enemies that have absolutely no concern about their own future and so little consideration about life, let alone their own.

I fear that this could be the beginning of worse attacks. This is the way it has been claimed by the IS.

Do take care. I was ever so sure I was going to receive a mail from you.

My best to Wanda.

Your french bonehead, always